Aeration Systems Selection

There are two standard residential AIRaider™ models, the 433 and the 321, as well as custom systems. Hundreds of AIRaider™ systems have been installed and tested and have proved effective, reliable and dependable for radon and VOC removal.

An independent study conducted by Yale University School of Medicine Department of Epidemiology and Public Health concluded that "the (AIRaider™ 433) units had efficacy percentages of 99.6%, 99.16%... "and the (AIRaider™ 321) unit had a 96.1% efficacy..." At a State of New Hampshire installation site, tests showed that the AIRaider™ 433 removed 96% of the dichloroethane from the water.

Equally effective custom-built AIRaider™ systems are available by special order to remove contaminants from residential, commercial, and municipal sites.

How to Select an AIRaider™ System
Site Specifications: 321: 433:
Plumbing Pipe Size:
3/4 " Yes Yes
1 " Yes
1 1/4 " or larger Special Order1
Flow Rate (GPM):
7 or less Yes Yes
7 - 13 Yes
13 or more Special Order1
Radon Level (pCi/l):
<35,000 Yes Yes
>35,000 Yes
>250,000 Call for Order Information2
Specific VOC Removal Call for Order Information3

1System will require a larger jet pump and/or holding tank. Call for details.
2Levels above 250,000 pCi/l may require special considerations. Call for information.
3System size and specifications will vary based on type and level of contamination.

How Do AIRaider™ Systems Compare to Others?

In a comparison of aeration systems features and capabilities, the AIRaider™ design comes out ahead of spray, packed tower, and single tray models. When you add in the versatility and compact design of the AIRaider™, no one can compare.

Residential Aeration System Comparison
AIRaider™ Systems Spray Packed Tower Single tray aeration
Most Compact Design
Most Energy Efficient
Allows for exhaust without auxiliary blower
Handles up to 20 gpm
Handles up to 7 gpm
Removes up to 99+% of radon (without recirculating)
Resists fouling from iron, etc
Utilizes small diameter vent line (2")
Multi-stage aeration
Remote air intake
Minimizes Back Drafting