AIRaider™ 433 Specifications

Aeration Tank Size: 19.75”W x 31.25”L x 35”H (44 gallons)
Total Footprint: 19.75”W x 56”L
Aeration Tank Material: FDA approved polypropylene
Regenerative Blower: 1/2 hp, 115V/5.0 amp or 230V/2.5 amp
Control Panel: UL listed, 115V or 230V
Vent Line (not included): 2” Schedule 40 PVC
Plumbing: ¾" or 1"
Flow Rate: 7 gpm normal, up to 20 gpm possible**
Standard Pressure Tank Size:* 15.5" diameter (20 gal./5.4 gal. draw down)
Jet Pump:* ½ hp, 115V/10.8 amp or 230V/5.4 amp
Total Weight:* 225 lbs.
Radon and VOC Reduction: up to 99%+

* Other pump and tank packages may vary.

** Larger jet pump may be needed to achieve 13-20 gpm outflow.